The combination of each and every of my professional and daily experiences have grown my excellent skills to develop creative solutions.
The way for me to realize and maintain my creative confidence, is to listen to the people around me, be open to diversity and the unknown, trust others and to abide to the next steps:
1. We have to be open to daily life experiences – especially to those experiences that seem difficult and have no clear outcome.
2. Nothing can be achieved without ambition and maybe even some pain. Instead of avoiding challenges, we should embrace them and learn from the lesson they teach us.
3. The world is my classroom. I believe that everyone knows something better than I do. No matter what I’m really good at, how much or who I know – I can’t know everything. By definition, when you’re talking, you can’t be listening. I’ve made it my goal to ask more questions and to listen to the answers than to talk about myself and what I know, in this way I can bring a better version of myself to each new assignment.
4. Although we all need to admit and embrace our limitations, we have to try our best to go beyond our limits. However, creativity usually emerges when we dare to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and beyond our limits.
5. I’ve learned a great deal of my previous failures. They helped me to improve my decisions and develop my creativity. Failure is an inevitable part of success. It’s not important that you make them – at least you dared to explore your limits – it’s only important that you learn from your mistakes.